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Why Us

Technology can be a small business owner’s best friend. It can help you work more efficiently, find more customers, and save money while doing it; leverage limited capital in smarter and more effective ways. In some cases, using technology is a natural progression for processes you may already have in place in your business. Technology should help improve your business and your life, not increase your level of stress.

There are many IT related challenges for any business: data loss and protection, disaster recovery plan, outdated infrastructure, security vulnerabilities, downtime, productivity issues, old (not supported) business applications and old hardware and software.

In order to get the best IT value and experience, all businesses (with or without internal IT personnel) need to partner-up with a reliable IT Consulting company which will bring on the table a lot of experience and expertise working for many years with clients from different business verticals.

As much as our competitors want to sell you their “out of the box” solutions, we take a different approach. For us it’s all about listening. If you have a challenge, we want to understand why, before offering a solution. Once we understand your issue, then we come up with a solution. We want to take the burden of IT Management off your shoulder so you can continue to focus on what you do best: managing your core business. There are generally two approaches when it comes to network management: react to IT problems, or do what TechWiz Consulting does best: prevent problems from arising in the first place. We think it is in our clients’ best interest to manage IT this way.

TechWiz Consulting is a dedicated IT service provider focused on the special needs of the small and medium sized enterprise making sure that you have the network and equipment you need to run your business at maximum efficiency. We provide the best computer and network solutions, taking the guesswork out of implementing the right system. We believe our unique approach to Managed IT services is highly differentiated from others based on the following criteria:
  • A relationship with TechWiz Consulting is open, collaborative and success focused
  • An IT environment that is: Cost effective, Secure, Reliable and Agile
  • Customized technology solutions to achieve your business objectives
  • Solutions tailored towards the small and medium enterprise
  • Up to date information about the latest technology trends
  • Friendly detailed reports when work is done on site
  • Guidance on how to use IT to achieve business goals
  • Proven transition to IT outsourcing methodology
  • Strategic/tactical planning and implementation
  • Tested best business practices in IT operations
  • Visibility and control of IT performance
  • Best of breed technology tools
  • Predictable IT budgets
ITStrategy has to be centered on your needs rather than ours. Our IT Consulting approach and experience in Network Design, Network Management and IT Project Management will help you build perfect IT Strategy. We have extensive knowledge of which vendors are the best for a specific task. When developing your IT Strategy, you should consider:

  • Which aspect of the IT system is essential to your business
  • What you currently have and what is required
  • Which general standards you will be using
  • Reviewing your current IT infrastructure, support and what is required moving forward


  • Network Management
  • Network Installation
  • ERP Support
  • Network Troubleshooting
  • Onsite/Ofsite Solutions