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TechWiz Consulting is a Full-Service Computer and Consulting Company Serving North American Clients



  • Exceptional service TechWiz go above and beyond when it comes to everything they do. I am constantly surprised by their quick response and turn around. They are courteous, professional and most of all honest. I would without hesitation recommend Paul and Leo from TechWiz to anyone who is tired of traditional I.T companies. Always very quick and courteous! Very knowledgeable in their business.
    C.N., President,, Sales & Distribution Company
    Always very quick and courteous! Very knowledgeable in their business.

    T.P., Sales Manager,, Hilton Hotel
  • Fabulous Service
    I had a serious problem with both my laptop and desktop as my email was compromised due to a virus. The geniuses at TechWiz fixed it on the day i called and the cost was very reasonable. Wonderful very competent service at a very fair cost.

    C.M., Owner,, Sales & Distribution Company
  • A valuable partner
    We have been working with Paul and his team for several years and have appreciated the flexibility in their service and the speed at which they provide resolutions to our requests and challenges. They are a reliable resource, allowing us to plan our projects with confidence. Working with TWC on hardware planning and deployment is an easy process and their knowledge and expertise has proved an asset in designing our IT systems, both for present needs and future growth.

    G.R., G.M.,, Food Company
  • They get the job done!
    Glad to be doing business with Techwiz consulting since 2013. All of our equipment including server upgrade, hardware and software support and data transfer was handled with special care at affordable pricing. We had shopped around, but after reviewing references and having met with the consultants, we knew that taking our IT to the next level would be most secure in the hands of Techwiz. We are often given several options when dealing with repairs so as to meet with our budgets and to ensure quotes are based on our specific requirements. Our daily business calls for quick and immediate attention since we are a 24/7 hotel establishment with guest service being a top priority. Techwiz is always responding to our hotel's IT needs with efficient service. It is nice to be dealing with highly skilled professionals. They know how to get the job done right and the friendly attitude has been most appreciated by all of our team

    L.T., G.M.,, Starwood Hotel
  • Great Value Add to Our Organization
    Techwiz has been a value add to our IT department. They work hard to ensure they provide the most optimal service while honestly setting time and cost expectations to our company. The resources they have to support us are knowledgeable on all IT fronts, ranging from Hardware, Software, and Network. I am very pleased with the results obtained so far and look forward to continue to work with them in the future.

    A.B., IT Manager,, World Wide Manufacturing Company
  • Perfect Business Partner and IT Professionals
    I was familiar and happy with Paul and Leo from Techwiz and the service they provided at previous hotels, and have been more than happy with their performance since bringing them over to service the current Hotel I manage. They are friendly, down to earth, and value our business as much as we value their technical expertise. They are always available to help and have never let us down. They provide great advice and have saves us from my headaches by fixing our system and ensuring that it runs smoothly and with minimal challenges. I would not hesitate in recommending Techwiz to anyone and have encouraged our entire Hotel group to use their services. They really understand the Hotel Industry and are able to provide the kind of service we need without disrupting operations

    M.T., GM,, Starwood Hotels
  • Techwiz Consulting became our IT consultants at the beginning of 2015. I had a number of issues with our former consultants. Techwiz fixed a number of serious issues with our network and data back-up system. Paul Bulgaru and his partner Leo are very dedicated to client satisfaction and know their business thoroughly. Techwiz is an excellent fit for my business allowing me to concentrate on my core business knowing they have the IT under control.

    P.H., Owner,, Manufacturing Company
  • Excellent Customer Service!
    I have worked with the TechWiz consulting teams since 2010. They are great at what they do and never failed to rectify any issue that was presented to them. I would highly recommend them to anyone and will always use TechWiz as my preferred vendor at any property I manage. Great customer service and always provide a follow up call or visit to ensure that they were able to resolve the issue. Will always educate management on how to maintain operational functions of all software which helps the company troubleshoot on their own should the same problem appear in the future!

    P.T., FDM,, Starwood hotel
  • Dedicated Team, Professional Service
    We have signed up with TechWiz just a few months back to take care of all IT services at the hotel. The TechWiz team headed is very professional and service focused. Being a hotel our business is a 24 /7 operations and TechWiz is always there to help any time we have any issues. They are a very experienced team and always come up with viable solutions which are cost effective and efficient. They are available at short notice and understand how critical the hotel business is. I would highly recommend TechWiz to any business for their IT needs and solutions. Thank you TechWiz for continuously doing such a phenomenal job at the hotel.

    U.S., GM,, Hilton Hotel
  • Good Company
    Very knowledgeable team of professionals. Quick response and good professional help. Always deliver value for money.

    B.S., Controller,, Food Company
  • High Quality service, very professional and friendly
    TechWiz Consulting is very knowledgeable and helpful. My company has used TechWiz Consulting for 3+ years and find the service outstanding. They always look for the best option for you, not the most expensive. My Laptop literally felt like I had purchased a brand new one after they worked on it. They return my calls, emails and text quickly and dispatch techs in a timely manner. Way to go guys! Keep up the good work.

    M.K., Owner,, Distribution Company
  • Fast service and very knowledgeable
    I am confident whenever these guys are working on our hardware or software. They keep our servers happy and running smoothly and resolve any problems in a timely manner. I recommend them whenever anyone is looking for support. Like having a great mechanic, always reliable.

    M.H, GM,, Manufacturing Company
  • Great Service
    Very helpful and knowledgeable. They have been able to assist quickly and efficiently whenever we have had an IT problem.

    G.B., GM,, Hilton hotel
  • Top Computer Repair and maintenance
    We have used TechWiz for about 3 years, recommended from a professional friend. The best decision we ever made. The staff at TechWiz are hardworking and efficient. We have never received such excellent services. They take care of our needs as if they were employees. We have requested everything from hardware set up to virus protection, with no worries about performance.

    C.C., Office Admin,, Surveyor Company
  • Very High quality service!!!
    We have always had a very positive experience with all the people at TechWiz. If we do experience any issues they are very prompt in getting our issues resolved. I would, and have recommended TechWiz to any of my business contact as I know they will always give 110%.

    B.M., Owner,, Manufacturing Company
  • Super knowledgeable even when programs are in other languages.
    I work with a holistic bio-feedback system and it is imperative that my computer stays up and running without glitches. I have peace of mind knowing that TechWiz is just a phone call away to solve any issues quickly for my clientele are being charged by the minute therefore time is of the essence. I highly recommend TechWiz as your computer experts and also to create harmony between printers, faxes and TV monitors so all are running synergistically in optimal performance. I love doing business with this professional team of WIZARDS. Thank you..... For I have been blessed to have found a company of your caliber. As always it is a pleasure to work with your firm.

    B.V., Owner,, Health Company
  • Very happy with their great, professional service!
    When relying on the assistance of experts related to your business’ technology - whether it be to manage kinks or provide initial set-ups - one of the key things to expect is that these experts know what they are doing. It's clear with TechWiz Consulting that they are very experienced & have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to assisting the technological elements that relate to our business. Above and beyond their professionalism & knowledge, they are very friendly and accommodating when working with our timelines as things come up very quickly. We would absolutely recommend their services to those who are inquiring!

    M.C., VP,, Interior Design Company
  • Excellent, prompt, quality service
    Whether we need help with Internet, VOIP phone system, email, firewall or anything else IT, I can always rely on TechWiz to be prompt in their response. Being a publishing business, and having to work to deadlines and transmitting pages digitally, it's crucial to have a reliable IT technical provider. TechWiz understands and has the knowledge necessary to have us up and running quickly and efficiently. They are always helpful, friendly and available.

    E.B., Director,, Publishing Company
  • Quality advices, timely response and professional approach
    Consultants from Techwiz respond immediately to any calls made irrespective of time. They are professional people and render quality advices. It is an awesome experience dealing with these guys. We never had any networking issues. Server downtime was very minimal. Quality advices at reasonable prices.

    B.S., Controller,, Food Company
If you’re looking for the best service provider that will answer all your IT needs and concerns, then stop worrying now because TechWiz Consulting is by your side. TechWiz Consulting is your perfect business partner for IT management providing quality IT service for the betterment of our clients.

We are providing you the best network and computer solutions that will help you lead the way to success. The IT management service that we provide to all our customers will improve your business and your life. Aside from great things the quality service that we provide, we also make sure to have these following things provided:

  • help you upsurge the service options visibility
  • provide you the latest features and technology regarding IT management
  • provide quality service for all your IT needs and concerns
  • helps you out to portray the image of advancement and development
  • Make sure to meet with all your expectations about the service that we provide.

TechWiz Consulting will help you on your way to success through our professional staffs that make us a great team. With TechWiz Consulting, your IT management concerns will be addressed professionally and in a timely fashion with great results and satisfaction. Beside TechWiz’s core services we are offering complete IT solution by our strategic partnerships with our partners. Here are important factors that make the difference between TechWiz Consulting Inc. and other IT consulting companies:

TechWiz Consulting is highly available, which means you can rely on our service anytime and anywhere you are. We’re always ready to serve our customers immediately and as quickly as we can.

We maintain our accuracy on the service that we provide together with the proper way on how execute our transaction with our clients.

We are providing quality service and stay behind our work and solutions. With many years of experience our team of IT professionals has an impressive list of credentials and a proven track record for delivering optional service and support to clients.

We are a legitimate service provider with partnerships with all well-known hardware and software companies. We have conformance with the rules, law, standards and service agreement that we provide; all are described in our Service Level Agreement document

With all of these factors that comprises TechWiz Consulting, three is no way for you now not to consider us TechWiz Consulting Inc. as your partner for all your IT management spectrum. We are working and recommending solutions from well-known hardware and software manufacturers for various IT needs. We use the products and technologies we are selling and stand behind them.

TechWiz Consulting believes that it can fully meet the needs expressed by any business at an attractive price and with the opportunity of adding significant value. Please feel free to contact us for any further questions.



Why Choose Us

Proactive IT Management

We want to take the burden of IT Management off your shoulder so you can continue to focus on what you do best: managing your core business. There are generally two approaches when it comes to network management:react to IT problems, or do what TechWiz Consulting does best: prevent problems from arising in the first place. We think it is in our clients' best interest to manage IT this way.

Customized Solutions

As much as our competitors want to sell you their "out of the box" solutions, we take a different approach. For us it's all about listening. If you have a challenge, we want to understand why before offering a solution. Once we understand your issue, then we come up with a solution.

Friendly Support & Updates

Our team has an impressive list of credentials and a proven track record for delivering optimal service and support to clients