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Network Solutions

TechWiz Consulting is a Full-Service Computer and Consulting Company Serving North American Clients


network design consulting services techwiz IT Consulting firm in Mississauga and Toronto, Canada


  • Microsoft Technologies
  • Planning and implementation
  • IT/Security audits
  • Network design & Management
  • IT project management
hardware and Software installation services provided by techwiz IT Consulting firm in Mississauga and Toronto, Canada


  • Servers, computers, laptops, tablets
  • Backup solutions
  • Firewalls, routers, switches, access points
  • Data and phone cabling
internet web solutions provided by Techwiz  IT Consulting firm in Mississauga and Toronto, Canada


  • VPN solutions setup
  • Internet & Network setup
  • Web filtering & Intrusion prevention
  • Web design
  • SharePoint solutions
Data Backup, Antivirus, Anti-Spam, Data Recovery, and Cloud Storage services provided by Techwiz  IT Consulting firm in Mississauga and Toronto, Canada


  • Hardware maintenance
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Antivirus solutions
  • Backup & Disaster recovery plans
  • Data storage solutions

If you’re looking for the best service provider that will answer all your IT needs and concerns, then stop worrying now because TechWiz Consulting is by your side. TechWiz Consulting is your perfect business partner for IT management providing quality IT service for the betterment of our clients.
We are providing you the best network and computer solutions that will help you lead the way to success. The IT management service that we provide to all our customers will improve your business and your life. Aside from great things the quality service that we provide, we also make sure to have these following things provided:

  • Help you upsurge the service options visibility
  • Provide you the latest features and technology regarding IT management
  • Provide quality service for all your IT needs and concerns
  • Helps you out to portray the image of advancement and development
  • Make sure to meet all your expectations about the service that we provide.

TechWiz Consulting will help you on your way to success through our professional staff that makes us a great team. With TechWiz Consulting, your IT management concerns will be addressed professionally and in a timely fashion with great results and satisfaction. Besides TechWiz’s core services we are offering complete IT solutions by our strategic partnerships with our partners. Here are important factors that make the difference between TechWiz Consulting Inc. and other IT consulting companies.

TechWiz Consulting is highly available, which means you can rely on our service anytime and anywhere you are. We’re always ready to serve our customers immediately and as quickly as we can.
We maintain our accuracy on the service that we provide together with the proper way on how execute our transaction with our clients.
We are providing quality service and stay behind our work and solutions. With many years of experience our team of IT professionals has an impressive list of credentials and a proven track record for delivering optional service and support to clients.
We are a legitimate service provider with partnerships with all well-known hardware and software companies. We have conformance with the rules, law, standards, and service agreement that we provide; all are described in our Service Level Agreement document.
With all of these factors that comprise TechWiz Consulting, three is no way for you now not to consider us TechWiz Consulting Inc. as your partner for all your IT management spectrum. We are working and recommending solutions from well-known hardware and software manufacturers for various IT needs. We use the products and technologies we are selling and stand behind them.

TechWiz Consulting believes that it can fully meet the needs expressed by any business at an attractive price and with the opportunity of adding significant value. Please feel free to contact us with any further questions.

Proactive IT Management

We want to take the burden of IT Management off your shoulder so you can continue to focus on what you do best: managing your core business. There are generally two approaches when it comes to network management: react to IT problems, or do what TechWiz Consulting does best: prevent problems from arising in the first place.

We think it is in our clients’ best interest to manage IT this way.

Customized Solutions

As much as our competitors want to sell you their “out of the box” solutions, we take a different approach. For us it’s all about listening. If you have a challenge, we want to understand why before offering a solution. Once we understand your issue, then we come up with a solution.

Friendly Support & Updates

Our team has an impressive list of credentials and a proven track record for delivering optimal service and support to clients